Reloading components man cave shake up

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Reloading components man cave shake up

Postby Jubbles » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:12 pm

Collections are welcome and preferred, I am located in central Gloucester. I am happy to trade for PPU 6.5x55/8mm mauser components or ammunition


.303 British

Once to three times fired .303 British cases

348 primed cases, vast majority PPU, the remainder predominantly S&B.

Will de-prime if requested

15p a case, price = £52.20 plus postage


57 x Lapua unfired (retail price (RP) 74p, = £42 18) my price 55p. =£31.35
52 x Lapua once fired (45p) = £25.65
50 x Norma once fired (45p) = £22.50
30 x RWS once fired (30p) = £9
4 x FNM (20p) = 80p
25 x Federal once fired (25p) = £6.25


Priced per bullet (ppb)


- 65 x 140gr 6.5mm Sierra matchkings, 25ppb = £16.25
- 16 x 139gr 6.5mm Moly coated LAPUA HPBT = £4
- 48 x unknown weight, suspect 139gr 6.5mm unknown make FMJ BT, 15ppb = £7.20
200 x 139gr 6.5mm Moly coated HPBT, 18ppb = £36

Total of 330 bullets, £55 package deal if bought as a oner. (Postage not included)


VZ.58 - Ten 7.62x39 Unused Military 30 Rounders £13 each or £10 each when buying all 10


Vortex Crossfire II 3x9x40 £100


1x Lee Enfield No4 Bayonet £15
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