Anyone need anything?

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Anyone need anything?

Postby JDR » Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:51 pm

I've got a customer who wants something fairly bulky bringing over from the US and so I am trying to add a few other people in to reduce the burden of shipping costs.

This offer can't include any ITAR-related stuff, so no rifle stocks, gun parts, bullets or brass I'm afraid - we've been having trouble with those of late. So it's really just for people who want machinery or tools they just can't get easily in the UK but which are readily available in the States.

It will be strictly special order, so payment up front and delivery as soon as I can co-ordinate it all and put it together. I'd hope for December, but bank on January and you won't be disappointed. I'm looking to pull it together fairly quickly as once we get into mid/late December, complications arise and stuff has in the past got lost or damaged.

Please mail me direct (jon@jdrguns.com), not PM or on here as I just lose track of who's who when dealing with PMs.

Thanks all,

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