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CH4D equipment call - anyone need anything?

Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:17 am

As you probably know, we resell for CH4D and can save you a good bit on what you'd pay ordering direct. I've got some bits I need to get from them, so posting this in case anyone else wants CH4D stuff. The more people I can get in one go, the less the shared international carriage will be.

Please mail me direct so I can keep track of who wants what: jon@jdrguns.com


Re: CH4D equipment call - anyone need anything?

Thu Mar 04, 2021 12:14 am

JeanMilburn wrote:View customer complaints of CH4D, BBB helps resolve disputes with the. I guess they were too busy to even call for permission to access my card

Sorry non comprehend.

Re: CH4D equipment call - anyone need anything?

Thu Mar 04, 2021 1:35 am

Alas, a disgruntled customer. The company CH4D makes specialty reloading dies for long obsolete calibers. If you shoot 11.7x51R Danish Rolling Block, or a .577 Snider, or a 8X56R Hungarian, or a 10.4X47R Vetterli-Vitali they are the only place that I know of that will provide loading dies. I own all of those CH4D dies as well a set of dies for my former 56-56 Spencer that I bought from them. The dies all work just fine. The company owner is very elderly now and I guess his service isn't the best with some of his customers. I'm happy to have done business with the company. He filled a gap in odd ball loading dies where they were just unavailable elsewhere and I was grateful for his lifetime service. The BBB in the US is call the Better Business Bureau that they represent customers and deal with customer complaints with a business as and independent agent. There have been complaints however and the owner if he is still alive is well into his 80's. I've spoken with him in the past and I'll cut him a lot of slack due to his past service. I have no Idea why anyone would go on a UK website to make such a complaint.
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