FS: .44 Bullets, 240gr, truncated cone, jacketed

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FS: .44 Bullets, 240gr, truncated cone, jacketed

Postby dprees » Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:39 pm

I have 950 jacketed truncated cone bullets, for .44 Mag/Special, surplus to requirements. They are truncated cone design, with cannelure, and have a slightly raised rim at the front of the bullet to make them safe for use in tubular magazines such as a Marlin underlever. They are the standard weight for this calibre, 240gr.

240gr German JTC Reduced.jpg

I used a lot of these in the past, but I'm now exclusively shooting light lead loads to a maximum distance of 50m in my Marlin .44, and it would be a waste to use these bullets for that.

£10 per bag of 100, and if you take all nine full bags, I'll throw in the remaining 50 (in a bag too!) for free.

I'm based in Central Scotland, but post is a possibility, though due to the weight the carriage will be pounds, not pennies.

I also have a part-full tub of Viht N110 (great for full power loads) to drive these bullets. £10 if you buy some of the bullets too. Note that I cannot post the powder.

I can even throw in some primers too, if you take everything else, on sight of your FAC.
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